Chloe Abrahams is a Sri Lankan British artist and filmmaker, working with intimate material to explore memory, storytelling and performance. Using both actors and 'social actors' she plays with the notion of the script in everyday settings, drawing from techniques found in verbatim documentary theatre. 

In 2020 Chloe was awarded the John Brabourne Award and has twice been shortlisted for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries (2018, 2019). She had her first solo exhibition at OVADA (2014), and has since been selected for exhibitions worldwide, including the forthcoming The London Open at the Whitechapel Gallery 2022.

She is currently working on her first feature documentary, It Didn’t Start With You, exploring the lasting impact of a shared trauma on three generations of women in her family, as well as writing her first book, Notes From a Young Girlan autoethnographic work discussing gender, trauma and memory.

Chloe produced Alice Aedy's short documentary Somalinimo (2020, funded by Doc Society, acquired by The Guardian), and Harry Hitchens’ short documentary Don’t Think Twice (2020).

Previously, Chloe worked as the Marketing Coordinator for documentary distributor Dogwoof, responsible for the execution of all UK theatrical campaigns, and is now undertaking a Master’s in Moving Image at the Royal College of Art.